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Unparalleled Design, Production & Customer Service

TPH offers over 50 years of custom packaging design and supply experience with personalized customer service, ideal for run volumes of 1,000 to 1 million.

Why TPH for Packaging?

As a family owned business, you will always have one point of contact and direct access to anyone on our team that you need. All of our projects get personalized attention, unbeatable levels of customer service and a keen attention to detail.

Added Value
We can do small runs on a digital press as well as larger runs. We have multiple partners, so we are not constrained by machinery – we can do whatever type of printing is the best fit for your project. Many clients also achieve a synergy with their retail point-of-sale/point-of-purchase (POS/POP) displays by having us do both packaging and displays, especially if they are manufactured in China. Chargebacks and re-runs are very rare.

Chipboard Packaging for 180 Ear Warmers

Economies of Scale
We can also set up programs where we run a 90 or 120 day supply at one time. You get the lower cost of larger runs but don't have to receive or pay for the entire run at once. For example, if you need 60,000 cartons over the next six months, we can run all 60,000, ship 10,000 per month, warehouse the balance, and you only pay when you get them.

Design Specialization

While we handle many forms of retail packaging, we specialize in the following areas:


Industry Expertise

We've worked in many inudstries but have done signficant work in the following:

  • Footwear: shoes and slippers
  • Hardware
  • Cosmetics
  • Educational publishing
  • Sporting goods
  • Fast food
  • Pharmaceutical product launches

Material Expertise

Here are some of the most common materials we use:

  • Corrugated
  • Folding carton/chipboard
  • Clamshell/blister packaging
  • PET (plastic)
  • Rigid/setup boxes

Packaging Examples

  • Crate & Barrel sales kit
  • Cielo Tequila corrugated shipper
  • Wells Lamont gloves (3-pack)
  • 180s Ear Muffs PET with chipboard
  • McGraw Hill rigid/setup box
  • Jimmy John's executive lunchbox
  • Universal Studios carryout boxes
  • McDonald's happy meals
  • United Airlines lunch box

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