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Forge Safety Eyewear Clamshell Package and Fulfillment

We were asked to design a compelling clamshell with foil graphic inserts for these safety eyeglasses, and to pack and seal the program in four pack trays with spot label graphics and HSC covers. Plus, we had to transfer the customer's materials and the packaging materials in the most cost effective manner, without incurring Value Added Taxes (VAT) in China.

VAT can be an expensive add-on when shipping components between Taiwan and China, but not for TPH. We provide fulfillment capabilities in Free Trade Zones (FTZ), which allow us to legally eliminate the VAT charge and provide a central location to aggregate the materials and pack and distribute the product.

By designing the clamshell in the US and producing everything in Asia, we came in on time and on budget, with little or no waste. This program was successfully sold through Lowes and Home Depot stores.

  Aearo – Forge Safety Eyewear Clamshell Package and Fulfillment