Retail Display Innovations that Get You Noticed

For over 50 years, TPH Global Solutions has provided custom point of purchase (POP) merchandising displays and retail packaging that get products and companies noticed. We pride ourselves in being able to customize our retail displays to the wishes of … read more >

Temporary vs. Permanent Displays: Which Is Right for You?

Retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays have proven over and over to be worth the investment when it comes to boosting sales and getting your brand message across. However, brand managers find themselves forced to decide if it’s worth the money to … read more >

Point of Purchase (POP) vs. Point of Sale (POS) Displays

With all the options available for promoting products as part of a retail display, it’s easy to understand the confusion over what works best. The location you choose to set up a product display can have a big impact on … read more >

Just-in-Time Retail Displays & Packaging

Few things are more frustrating or disrupt sales┬áthan a backorder caused by running out of retail packaging or point-of-purchase (POP) displays. With our full service approach, we prevent backorders by ensuring your POP displays and packaging are always in stock … read more >

What Happened to “Green” Retail Displays & Packaging?

Recently, we haven’t seen much about “being green” as it relates to retail point-of-purchasing (POP) displays and packaging. What happened? Was it a fad? Are brand managers and retailers no longer environmentally conscious? As you may have guessed, sustainability is … read more >

When to Use Partial Pallets & Display Skirts

In the world of retail point-of-purchase displays, brand managers don’t always know all of their options. For example, when do you need a full vs. half vs. quarter pallet? What is a “display skirt” and when is it needed? Read … read more >

What to Learn from These Retail POP Display & Packaging Mistakes

In addition to creating and producing some of the most innovative retail POP displays and packaging on the market, we’re also on a mission to take the pain out of your supply chain so you can focus on what you … read more >

The Successful Retailer Pitch: The Role of Displays & Packaging

We were recently contacted by a housewares brand in need of guidance and support as they prepared to make a successful pitch to Costco. Their last attempts came up short. While they had a solid understanding of their product, they … read more >

Designer, Supplier or Manufacturer: Who Is TPH Global Solutions?

As many large corrugated manufacturers have gotten into the retail POP display market, and since we’ve diversified beyond our roots in packaging, some may be wondering: who is TPH Global Solutions? Are we a designer, manufacturer, supplier, or other? Perhaps … read more >

How We Help CPG Brand Managers Sleep at Night

Does your retail packaging and POP display supply chain keep you up at night? We know that brand managers have to deal with a lot: Retailers dragging their feet on orders Squeezed lead-times Bad execution, no confidence in overseas suppliers, … read more >